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6 Tips Which Makes Your Website Industry Professional in 2020

In today's blog, I'm going to share with you several ways that you can make your Website appearance and visibility more professional if you're new in Web design, my name's Gurjot Grewal Founder of “Grewal Digital Media”. And I share out new blogs/article every week to help you grow your online business. So that's something that you're looking to do. Make sure that you hit subscribe our blog on Wrodpress and Blogspot.

  • Favicon

So the Favicon is a small logo at the top of your browser window, though the icon is small. It has a big impact on how professional your Website appears. And if you'd leave it blank than the icon of whatever you've used to build your Website, whether it's Wix, Squarespace, WordPress or blogger is going to appear, which is just plain confusing. So you'll either need a small version of your logo or take a part of it, like the first letter of your business name or just the graphic part of your logo..

Have a look at popular sites like Facebook, which just uses the ‘F’ or Twitter, which uses the ‘bird’ as examples.

  • Save your website from Ads

He likes flashy ads, can both date and clutter your site. Plus, there are better ways of making money online now. If you must keep them. Be selective about which ones you show and put them in your sidebar, not your header.

  • White Spaced

Sometimes DIY wires feel like they need to fill up every empty space on their website. Let your site breathe. Whitespace or negative space is the easiest way to do this. So, for example, leave enough space in between paragraphs so that your content is easier to read and doesn't look like this.

  • Mobile Friendly Website

Number four is to make it mobile, responsive. Many of your Web site visitors will be looking at your site for the first time on their phone.

Make sure to test your Web site to ensure that there are no formatting issues. I use Wix for my Website and all templates come mobile responsive, which is a huge plus.

  • Pro Picture

So it's time to upgrade and get a pro photo. If you can't afford to hire a professional photographer right now then not to worry about it. Grab your iPhone. Find some good lighting. Try facing a window if you can stand in front of a plane, a white or colored background, and ask your BMF to take a few shots for you.

  • Keep Image ton Consistence

If your website images tone is Mismatching, it’s also a sign of non-professional Web site having a black and white photo next to a color popping one simply throws the eye off. Try placing all of your Website images next to one another and see how cohesive they are.

So those are the six tips that I recommend you do in order to make your Website looks even more professional if you are currently building your Website. Then I would love to work with you. Get the Website you want send your quotation to us. And if you like this blog, make sure to hit subscribe so that you don't miss another one. And I'll see you guys soon with another content of blog and article.

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