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Effective Discussion on Tips for Small Business Marketing Online

Hello everyone, my name is Gurjot Grewal founder of “Grewal Digital Media” agency, and welcome to my blog on how to use social media for small business marketing. In a moment, I'm going to share with you how we took our social media marketing company in India, United States, Canada primarily on print and some television, and took it right into the social media arena and for a lot less cost.

It's interesting seeing how small business has been quite resistant to social media for small business marketing and what we've noticed now. Ever since the COVID -19 epidemic, people's shopping habits have completely changed. Where it's retail, service and trade. And that's what makes how to use social media for small business marketing that more prevalent. We're finding that social ads spending for the year 2020 is going to reach 43 billion dollars U.S., which actually is probably number one. Now in regards to advertising other than TV, socialite's impressions are up 20%, meeting more and more people are actually going online to find their service or trade or their retail goods.

Google is number one in the platform, which probably makes sense. But what's interesting is number two. Yep it’s YouTube. So Google and YouTube are definitely the one two punch when it comes to putting your product out online for people to see it. Forty seven percent of Internet users say they would find new products and services through paid ads online, which is not really surprising now because really no one wants to go shopping outside right now. What's interesting are over 70% of marketers claiming that video produces more conversions than any other content. But to be very careful is a weak video. A weak, mediocre at media ad creates a negative emotional response in less than one second.

We really came through media videoing quite by accident as what we were noticing. That print didn't have much impact for pitchers had huge impact. So we thought, what can we do next? That would actually be that one percent better than the competition. So we started putting up video and that really crushed it. And it was amazing, the response and what that did. It was something that we could put online. The cost factor was very little.

And the response and the return on investment were tremendous. I hope you enjoyed the information we've shared here on this blog. And if you do, by all means, please visit on our social media channels and website for details. If, you want more information in regards to this conversation on this blog follow our blogging platforms like wordpress and blogger. In upcoming days we are going to publish our all blogs/article on our own website

Keep stay tune with us and send your comment/feedback on my ideas of blogs.

Until then, enjoy your day.

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